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GA & Liability Products Insurance

Householders Insurance

Frauds and dishonesty in contractual obligations are a part of the business world. To safeguard your interests from unscrupulous people, Solidarity Takaful’s Fidelity Insurance sees that the insured does not suffer because of a few bad apples among them.


This policy indemnifies the insured against loss of money or goods belonging to the Insured caused by theft, fraud or dishonesty committed by any employee with the clear intention of making and resulting in improper financial gain by the Insured persons whilst in the employment of the Insured.

Plate Glass Insurance

From showrooms, window displays to offices and more – a glass is expensive and fragile. It can be shattered by a random variety of risks.


Policy also pay the costs necessarily incurred, of boarding up until the broken glass is replaced. The liability of the Company in respect of the property insured will not exceed the Sum Insured

Money Insurance

Money is the cornerstone of every business. For running your business, you may need to transfer funds in cash, cheques, drafts etc. or maintain a cash balance on your premises. All such transactions are exposed to the risk of loss or misuse. Protect your money with the comprehensive cover offered by Solidarity Takaful’s Money Insurance policy.


Loss of money belonging to the Insured or for which he is legally responsible by accident or misfortune or robbery or theft or attempt to threat occurring while

  • On the premises:
    • Out of safe.
    • Specified locked safe.
  • In transit:
    • Payroll/wages on transit
    • Other monies in transit
  • Loss of or damage to any safe or strong room caused by theft or attempt threat.

Loss of or damage to any safe or strong room caused by theft or attempt threat.

Key Benefits

Comprehensive cover for risks involving money and monetary transactions

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